December 9, 2016

Bajaj Bike Price List

In Global Automotive Industry Indian Automobile Market is a leading market with a list of regional & multinational vehicle manufacturers. Bajaj Auto Limited is a divine brand for two-wheeler & other commercial vehicle models. This company launched a number of popular bike model series in India & Bajaj Pulsar, Bajaj Discover, Platina & Avenger are counted as the prime. This zero-cool brand is now available in the market with its bike series models & following tables are showing available bike model list & their prices.

bajaj bike list

Bajaj Avenger Bike :

- New Bajaj Avenger Bike model featured with extreme styling with a younger sportive look including a maximized power or performance level. Features like forward foot riding posture for rider or driver to share a strain free riding. Large disc brake for more safety through wide front & rear tyres available on Bajaj Avenger Bike. It has the capability show a better performance through assigned 4 stroke 220 cc DTSi engine with functions like best pick up along with fuel efficiency.

Model / Trim Price (On-Road : Mumbai) Image
Avenger Rs.77500  bajaj avenger bike


Bajaj Discover Bike :

- Bajaj Discover counted as the top most bike series among all available bike series of Bajaj & others leading brands. This well-known bike series listed 3 models with five different trims. Bajaj Discover bikes are popular for both style & performance.

The earliest model is Bajaj Discover 100 Bike in this series & now it is available through two trims as Discover 100 kick & Discover Self (With Electric / Self Starting feature). This 100 cc series comes with a Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Air Cooled 94.38 cc Petrol Engine Displacement.

Discover 125 & Discover 125 Disc are the two available models of Bajaj Discover bike series. These two models gained more than all popularity & reliability through its heavy performance, new & attractive styling factors, affordable price or cost, etc. The specialty of these models is better fuel efficiency & high pick up limit. The 125 tagged for the assigned powerful 4 stroke 124.6 cc  Natural air cooled DTS-i engine.

The latest Discover 150 model goes for a refreshment in Bajaj Discover bike series through new 144.8 cc displaced Single Cylinder configured Natural air cooled DTS-i engine. it has the capability to go for a maximum performance level with scoring 13 PS Power & 12.75 Newton meter torque as its maximum engine output.

 Model / Trim  Price (On-Road : Mumbai) Image
 Discover 100 Kick  Rs.44000  bajaj discover 100 bike
 Discover 100 Self  Rs.46400  bajaj discover 100 self bike
 Discover 125  Rs.52000  bajaj discover 125 bike
 Discover 125 Disc  Rs.54500  bajaj discover 125 disc bike
 Discover 150  Rs.57400  bajaj discover 150 bike


Bajaj Platina Bike :

- Bajaja Auto launched Bajaj Platina Bike in India with a challenge to name it as the India’s most efficient two-wheeler among all available bikes. More ever Bajaj gotten a better market coverage with its Bajaj Platina bike model. Bajaj Platina bike is now available in showrooms through two model trims as Platina & Platina 125. Bajaj Platina 125 configured with a 124.6 cc Air Cooled DTS-i engine & 5 speeds transmission system. Bajaj Platina continues with 99.27 cc engine & 4 speed gear controled transmission technology.

 Model / Trim Price (On-Road : Mumbai) Image
 Platina  Rs.39300  bajaj platina bike
 Platina 125  Rs.45800  bajaj platina 125 bike


Bajaj Pulsar Bike :

- Very known Pulsar bike series is the most prestigious Sports bike series of Bajaj Auto in India. The sports bike trend promoted with Bajaj Pulsar bikes in India. This bike series now listed 4 models as Pulsar 135, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180 & Pulsar 220.

The Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS model launched with much more styling concepts to name its design as an aggressive racing bike. This model features a heavy power output with assembled four stroke 4 Valve based 135 cc DTSi petrol engine. Air-cooling technology, TRICS-III & Intelligent CDI improve ignition timing are the unique & powerful engine configuration technologies along with Patented ExhausTEC technology improves engine torque at low RPM to get high pickup at low RPM without frequent gear shifts.

Pulsar 150 bike of Bajaj Pulsar bike series launched with ‘All Black Styling’ to add the aggressive & mean look for this sports bike. Assigned legendary DTS-i technology based 4 stoke DTS-i 150 cc engine is here with Pulsar 150 & a scorecard of 15 PS power output. The ExhuasTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) Technology also listed to boost more power.

New Split seats, Clip on handle bar, Anti scratch tank pad, Two piece grab rail, Aerodynamic tank flaps, Wolf eyed headlamps L.E.D tail lamp, Black styling & Kickless start options are the special factors during Bajaj Pulsar 180. The engine of this bike model is a special one i.e 4 stoke DTS-i 180 cc with 17 PS power source.

Latest Bajaj Pulsar 220 model launched with that perfect styling option All Black styling, 3D chiselled logo, Vertical stack twin projector headlamps, Split seats, etc along with enhanced performance level. Measuring 21 PS power Bajaj assigned a 4 stroke 220 cc engine with temperature based ignition mapping & Auto choke features.

 Model / Trim Price (On-Road : Mumbai) Image
 Pulsar 135 LS  Rs.61600  Bajaj Pulsar 135LS Bike
 Pulsar 150  Rs.70800  bajaj pulsar 150 bike
 Pulsar 180  Rs.74300  bajaj pulsar 180 bike
 Pulsar 220 S  Rs.80900  bajaj pulsar 220s bike
 Pulsar 220 F  Rs.84300  bajaj pulsar 220f bike

Above all listed bike names are specifying list all available bike models in showrooms by Bajaj. Shown prices are approximately calculated as On road price in Mumbai.

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