December 8, 2016

Hyundai Price List

In Global Automotive Market Hyundai Motor Company, Korea is an eminent brand with an international concept of automotive products manufacturing & exporting. Hyundai Motor India Limited is the Indian subsidiary business of Hyundai with manufacturing & sale division for domestic & foreign use. Now in India or Indian Automobile Market Hyundai leading with its Car & SUV like vehicle models. Following there is a Price List with all latest Hyundai Car & SUV model list including their technical specifications, features, design & price through different model trims. All Hyundai vehicles are listed in this price table with all available model trims (Petrol / Diesel / LPG / CNG Fuel variants). Just scroll down to know the complete information on Hyundai vehicles in India & their cost price.

hyundai price list

Hyundai EON : hyundai eon car

- Hyundai EON Car is the very latest model of Hyundai in India. This is a A Segment Hatchback Car model with unique styling & design features. Along with a attractive body factor Hyundai EON includes a high performing Petrol engine displacement of 814 cc. Hyundai EON Petrol engine is a 3 cylinder configured OHC Valve mechanism enabled fuel efficient engine with an average of 21 kmpl millage with 55 BHP Power & 76.5 Nm Torque output.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 EON D-Lite (S)  Rs 269,999
 EON D-Lite (M)  Rs 273,525
 EON D-Lite Opt (S)  Rs 291,869
 EON D-Lite Opt (M)  Rs 295,396
 EON ERA (S)  Rs 311,869
 EON ERA (M)  Rs 315,394
 EON Magna (S)  Rs 336,869
 EON Magna (M)  Rs 340,394
 EON Magna Opt (S)  Rs 346,869
 EON Magna Opt (M)  Rs 350,394
 EON Sportz (S)  Rs 371,869
 EON Sportz (M)  Rs 375,394


Hyundai Santro Xing : hyundai santro xing car

- After getting a huge success from Hyundai Santro Car model Hyundai launched the updated version or model trim of Santro as Santro Xing in India. This new Hyundai Santro Xing is a B Segment Hatchback with new style or design. Hyundai Santro Xing is now available in the showrooms with two fuel variant options like Petrol & Diesel along with LPG / CNG choose option. Hyundai Santro Xing Petrol variant assigned a 4 cylinder configured 1086 cc engine. The diesel variant model trims of Hyundai Santro Xing are available with 1100 cc CRDi engine.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 Santro Xing NonA/C (Solid)  Rs 280,897
 Santro Xing NonA/C (Metallic)  Rs 284,422
 Santro Xing GL Plus (Solid)  Rs 348,025
 Santro Xing GL Plus (Metallic)  Rs 351,550
 Santro Xing GLS (Solid)  Rs 370,169
 Santro Xing GL Plus (Solid) – LPG  Rs 370,975
 Santro Xing GLS (Metallic)  Rs 373,693
 Santro Xing GL Plus (Metallic) – LPG  Rs 374,500
 Santro Xing GLS (Solid) – LPG  Rs 391,568
 Santro Xing GLS (Metallic) – LPG  Rs 395,092


Hyundai i10 IRDE : hyundai i10 irde car

- India’s most popular car series is Hyundai i10. In this series Hyundai is now selling 3 car models as i10 IRDE, i10 Kappa & i20. Hyundai i10 IRDE car model is now available in Hyundai showrooms through 10 different model trims as for their color shade option & model category. An IRDE 1086 cc engine appointed in Hyundai i10 IRDE car models to get more power & better fuel efficiency.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 i10 IRDE D-Lite (Solid)  Rs.354,972
 i10 IRDE D-Lite (Metallic)  Rs.358,517
 i10 IRDE Era (Solid)  Rs.388,515
 i10 IRDE Era (Metallic)  Rs.392,061
 i10 IRDE Magna (Solid)  Rs.403,029
 i10 IRDE Magna (Metalic)  Rs.406,576
 i10 IRDE Era LPG(Solid)  Rs.416,144
 i10 IRDE Era LPG(Metalic)  Rs.419,691
 i10 IRDE Magna LPG(Solid)  Rs.430,659
 i10 IRDE Magna LPG(Metalic)  Rs.434,206


Hyundai i10 Kappa : hyundai i10 kappa car

- From the Hyundai i Series car models Hyundai i10 Kappa is a special one with more power & best level of fuel efficiency. There are now 12 model trims are available for Hyundai i10 Kappa Car. This new & popular Hyundai i10 Kappa Hatchback displaced a Kappa Series engine through 1200 cc or 1.2L front displacement. This 1.2L Kappa engine feels more effective for Hyundai i10 Kappa Car.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 i10 Kappa Magna (Solid)  Rs.420,030
 i10 Kappa Magna (Metalic)  Rs.423,576
 i10 Kappa Sportz (Solid)  Rs.450,014
 i10 Kappa Sportz (Metallic)  Rs.453,562
 i10 Kappa Sportz Option(Solid)  Rs.479,837
 i10 Kappa Sportz Option(Metallic)  Rs.483,382
 i10 Kappa Sportz AT (Solid)  Rs.505,972
 i10 Kappa Sportz AT (Metallic)  Rs.509,519
 i10 Kappa Asta (Solid)  Rs.523,711
 i10 Kappa Asta (Metallic)  Rs.527,258
 i10 Kappa Asta AT WS (Solid)  Rs.595,908
 i10 Kappa Asta AT WS (Metallic)  Rs.599,455


Hyundai i20 : hyundai i20 car

- Hyundai i20 is another popular model of Hyundai in India from its i Series. This car model is now available in the market through two major fuel options like Hyundai i20 Petrol & i20 Diesel. In Hyundai showrooms Hyundai i20 Petrol category has 9 model trims with 1197 cc Kappa & 1396 cc Gamma series engines. Hyundai i20 Diesel fuel variant models assigned with a 1396 cc CRDi engine & there is now 6 model trims are available.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 i20 Era (Petrol)  Rs.459,205
 i20 Magna (Petrol)  Rs.499,205
 i20 Sportz Option (Petrol)  Rs.527,676
 i20 Sportz (Petrol)  Rs.542,706
 i20 Asta (Petrol)  Rs.584,208
 i20 1.2L Asta (O) With Sunroof (Petrol)  Rs.629,164
 i20 Asta with AVN (Petrol)  Rs.635,707
 i20 1.4L Asta AT (Petrol)  Rs.759,754
 i20 1.4L Asta AT with AVN (Petrol)  Rs.815,754
 i20 1.4L Era (Diesel)  Rs.570,359
 i20 1.4L Magna (Diesel)  Rs.610,354
 i20 1.4L Sportz Option (Diesel)  Rs.638,821
 i20 1.4L Sportz (Diesel)  Rs.653,856
 i20 1.4 Asta (Diesel)  Rs.695,862
 i20 Asta DSL with AVN (Diesel)  Rs.747,361


Hyundai Accent : hyundai accent car

- There is now two model trims are available for Hyundai Accent Car model as Accent EXECUTIVE & Accent EXECUTIVE – LPG. Both of these two model trims are configured with a 1495 cc 4 cylinder connected engine. Hyundai Accent EXECUTIVE – LPG Car has an extra feature of fuel switching with both Petrol & LPG. This is a C Segment Sedan model with better style & good millage.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 Accent EXECUTIVE  Rs.502,869
 Accent EXECUTIVE – LPG  Rs.539,676


Hyundai Fluidic Verna : hyundai verna fluidic car

- Hyundai Fluidic Verna is new or successor model of previously launched Hyundai Verna Car. This latest model is now available through 10 model trims. All listed Hyundai Fluidic Verna Petrol models are assigned with two engine options like 1.4 VTVT & 1.6 VTVT. the Diesel variant model of Hyundai Fluidic Verna Car also comes with two engine options like 1.4 CRDi & 1.6 CRDi.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 Fluidic Verna VTVT 1.4  Rs.699,655
 Fluidic Verna CRDi 1.4  Rs.809,651
 Fluidic Verna VTVT 1.6  Rs.769,993
 Fluidic Verna VTVT SX 1.6  Rs.829,995
 Fluidic Verna VTVT SX (O) 1.6  Rs.899,993
 Fluidic Verna VTVT SX (O) AT 1.6  Rs.969,996
 Fluidic Verna CRDi 1.6  Rs.889,996
 Fluidic Verna CRDi SX 1.6  Rs.949,994
 Fluidic Verna CRDi SX (O) 1.6  Rs.1,019,994
 Fluidic Verna CRDi SX (O) AT 1.6  Rs.1,089,997


Hyundai Sonata Transform : Hyundai Sonata Transform Car

- Hyundai Sonata is also a well-known name in the Indian Automobile Industry as a reliable product by Hyundai in India. Hyundai Sonata Transform is the latest model with 3 model trims through two different engine options like 2.4L MPFi & 1991 cc or 2.0L CRDi engine. Hyundai Sonata Transform is now a Diesel Only Car model & the Petrol variant can be expected for 2012.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 Sonata 2.4 MT FL  Rs.1,464,637
 Sonata CRDi (MT)  Rs.1,613,458
 Sonata CRDi (AT)  Rs.1,715,152


Hyundai Santa Fe : hyundai santa fe suv

- Hyundai Santa Fe is the only available Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV model for now in India. This stylish SUV model available with 3 model trims as Santa Fe 2WD MT, 4WD MT & 4WD MT AT. All of these three models are Diesel fuel variants. Hyundai assigned a 2199 cc CRDi engine for this powerful & compact sized vehicle.

 Model Name / Trim  Price
 Santa Fe 2WD MT  Rs.2,146,000
 Santa Fe 4WD MT  Rs.2,346,500
 Santa Fe 4WD MT AT  Rs.2,436,500


All above listed Hyundai car or SUV models are now available in Hyundai showrooms. Shown prices reflects Ex-Showroom (Delhi) price in India.

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