December 8, 2016

Maruti Suzuki Price List

Maruti Suzuki is a popular & leading name in Indian Automobile Market as a joint venture of Maruti Udoyg Limited & Suzuki Motor Corporation. Several vehicle categories like  Sedan, SUV, MUV, Hatchback & Passenger cars like many others with a brand title of Maruti Suzuki is now available in the market. All available Maruti Suzuki vehicle models are listed bellow with their model trims & price with Metallic & Non-Metallic color shades. This Price List or cost price table listed all available or latest Car / SUV/ MUV models of Maruti Suzuki in India. Just scroll down to know more about available market price of latest Maruti Suzuki vehicles in India.

maruti suzuki price list

Maruti 800 :

maruti 800 car- Maruti 800 car is the most known affordable four wheeler vehicle in Indian Automobile Market. This people’s car is the brand promoter of Maruti Suzuki in India & Asia also. Maruti 800 Car featured with a 796 cc 3 Cylinder configured Petrol engine. A Segment Hatchback design with both metallic & non-metallic (solid) color shades are now available for Maruti 800.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 M800 STD LPG  Rs.211610  Rs.213924
 M800 A/C LPG  Rs.233784  Rs.236098
 MARUTI 800 MPI BS III STD  Rs.197028  Rs.199343


Maruti Alto :

maruti alto car- Maruti Suzuki launched Alto in its Economical car model series & succeed to get more response from the Indian Automobile Market. Maruti Alto Car is now available through 6 different model trims as a petrol & CNG car model. A 796 cc F8D engine is here with Maruti Alto to score a better fuel efficiency along with BS IV certification. In India Maruti Alto is an affordable 5 seater Hatchback car.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 ALTO GREEN STD.  Rs.279247  Rs.282413
 ALTO GREEN LXI  Rs.328126  Rs.331292
 ALTO GREEN LX  Rs.310619  Rs.313785
 ALTO STD  Rs.232247  Rs.235413
 ALTO LXI  Rs.281127  Rs.284293
 ALTO LX  Rs.263619  Rs.266785


Maruti AltoK10 :

maruti alto k10 car- With a powerful 998 cc KB-Series Petrol Engine & B Segment Hatchback body Maruti AltoK10 is now available in Maruti Suzuki showrooms. This 5 seater Hatchback car features good millage or fuel efficiency, standard design, good support for after sale queries from the India leading name Maruti Suzuki. The affordable price tag is the leading advantage or factor of Maruti AltoK10′s popularity in the market.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 ALTO K10B LXI  Rs.304192  Rs.307358
 ALTO K10B VXI  Rs.317192  Rs.320358


Maruti Astar :

maruti a star car- A popular B Segment Hatchback model from Maruti Suzuki is Maruti Astar car in India. This Hatchback is popularly known for its attractive styling feature, good performance & better millage as a value for money vehicle model. Maruti configured a 998 cc KB-Series Petrol engine for this Maruti Astar Car. In showrooms there are now 4 model trims are available for Maruti Astar buyers.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 A-STAR LXI  Rs.359838  Rs.363004
 A-STAR ZXI  Rs.423541  Rs.426707
 A-STAR VXI  Rs.387829  Rs.390995
 A-STAR AUTOMATIC  Rs.437737  Rs.440903


Maruti Eeco :

maruti eeco muv- Maruti Eeco is a Multi Utility Vehicle or MUV & available in the market as a B Segment four wheeler model. This MUV featured with a 1196 cc or 1.2L engine displacement with advanced MPFi fuel supply system. Petrol + CNG options are also available bMaruti Eeco. The Diesel or electric fuel variants are also expected from Maruti Suzuki in coming days.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 EECO 7 STR  Rs.304199  Rs.304199
 EECO 5 STR  Rs.282397  Rs.282397
 EECO 5 STR WITH A/C+HTR  Rs.316961  Rs.316961
 EECO FLEXI GREEN  Rs.375061  Rs.375061
 EECO CNG WITH HTR 5-STR  Rs.344398  Rs.344398
 EECO CNG 5-STR WITH A/C+HTR  Rs.379962  Rs.379962


Maruti Gypsy :

maruti gypsy suv- A Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV from the India leading automobile manufacturer & seller Maruti Suzuki is Maruti Gypsy. This SUV available in the market through 3 different model trims. Maruti Gypsy is a best model for commercial purposes. It assigned a 4 cylinder configured 1298 cc engine displacement. Maruti Gypsy is a B Segment four wheeler off-roader SUV.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 GYPSY KING MPI (SOFT TOP)  Rs.544402  Rs.547170
 GYPSY KING MPI (HARD TOP)  Rs.563240  Rs.566008


Maruti Omni :

maruti omni mpv- Maruti Omni is the high selling A Segment MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle model from maruti Suzuki in India. Maruti Omni counted as the most economical & very purposive four wheeler with a 796 cc 3 Cylinder connected engine. Maruti Omni is now available through different fuel variants listing Petrol & LPG.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 OMNI E MPI STD  Rs.229397  Rs.231890
 OMNI MPI STD  Rs.227736  Rs.230051
 OMNI MPI AMBULANCE  Rs.262552  Rs.262552
 OMNI MPI CARGO  Rs.209290  Rs.211605
 OMNI LPG STD 5-STR  Rs.238821  Rs.241136
 OMNI LPG CARGO  Rs.204522  Rs.206815


Maruti Ritz :

maruti ritz car- Three Diesel fuel variant & four Petrol variant model are now available for Maruti Ritz car buyers. Maruti Ritz is a B+ (PLUS) Segment Hatchback Car with a reasonable pricing & stylish design. There is extra space for five passengers in Maruti Ritz’s interior. A 1197 cc KB-Series Engine displaced in the Petrol variant Maruti Ritz car models. For Maruti Ritz Diesel fuel variant models Maruti Suzuki assigned a 1248 cc DDiS engine.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 RITZ LDI  Rs.494559  Rs.494559
 RITZ VDI (ABS)  Rs.549014  Rs.549014
 RITZ VDI  Rs.530676  Rs.530676
 RITZ LXI  Rs.403251  Rs.403251
 RITZ ZXI  Rs.500072  Rs.500072
 RITZ VXI (ABS)  Rs.462762  Rs.462762
 RITZ VXI  Rs.438716  Rs.438716


Maruti SX4 :

maruti sx4 car- Maruti SX4 is an available C+ (PLUS) Segment Sedan Car model in India by Maruti Suzuki. A powerful 1586 cc VVT Engine is available for Maruti SX4 Petrol fuel variants. Maruti SX4 Diesel variant models are assigned with a 1248 cc DDiS engine. Also there is a option to choose Petrol + CNG as fuel through Maruti SX4 Car.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 SX4 VDI  Rs.788999  Rs.788999
 SX4 ZDI, LEATHER  Rs.911088  Rs.911088
 SX4 ZDI  Rs.876999  Rs.876999
 SX4 GREEN VXI  Rs.758005  Rs.758005
 SX4 VXI  Rs.700006  Rs.700006
 SX4 ZXI MT, LEATHER  Rs.809262  Rs.809262
SX4 ZXI MT  Rs.775173  Rs.775173
SX4 ZXI AT LEATHER  Rs.875360  Rs.875360
SX4 ZXI AT  Rs.841270  Rs.841270


Maruti Suzuki Kizashi :

maruti kizashi- Now with two petrol fuel variant models Maruti Suzuki Kizashi car is available in Maruti Suzuki showrooms. This is a D Segment Sedan Car model with a powerful 2393 cc VVT engine displacement. Featuring attractive design, specious interior, good millage, etc Maruti Suzuki Kizashi is leading the market.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Metallic)
 KIZASHI MT  Rs.1650000
 KIZASHI CVT  Rs.1750000


Maruti Swift :

maruti swift- Maruti Swift is available by Maruti Suzuki with 6 model trims as an efficient B+ Segment five passenger seater Hatchback car. This powerful four-wheeler model is now available with two basic fuel variants i.e Petrol & Diesel. The Maruti Swift Petrol models are available with 1197 cc VVT (K-Series) engine. For the Diesel fuel variant models of Maruti Swift Maruti Suzuki assigned a 1248 cc DDiS engine.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 SWIFT LDI  Rs.527162  Rs.527162
 SWIFT ZDI  Rs.647903  Rs.647903
 SWIFT VDI  Rs.570661  Rs.570661
 SWIFT LXI  Rs.422341  Rs.422341
 SWIFT ZXI  Rs.553226  Rs.553226
 SWIFT VXI  Rs.475983  Rs.475983


Maruti Swift Dzire :

maruti swift dzire car- Taking Maruti Swift as a successor in Sedan cars Maruti Suzuki launched Maruti Swift Dzire. This new car model is now available in showrooms with both Petrol & Diesel fuel variations. Total 6 model (3 petrol + 3 Diesel) trims are available for Maruti Swift Dzire buyers. The Maruti Swift Dzire Petrol variants are featuring 1200 cc K-Series engine & Diesel variants comes with a 1248 cc DDiS engine.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 SWIFT DZIRE LDI  Rs.595721  Rs.595721
 SWIFT DZIRE ZDI  Rs.729873  Rs.729873
 SWIFT DZIRE VDI  Rs.646630  Rs.646630
 SWIFT DZIRE LXI  Rs.494557  Rs.494557
 SWIFT DZIRE ZXI  Rs.639770  Rs.639770
 SWIFT DZIRE VXI  Rs.547227  Rs.547227


Maruti WagonR :

maruti wagonr- Maruti WagonR is a popular B Segment Hatchback Car available in India by Maruti Suzuki. A 998 cc KB-Series engine assigned for Maruti WagonR. Flexibility to choose from Petrol + LPG & Petrol + CNG also available through Maruti WagonR Car. Value for money design & features made Maruti WagonR popular in the market.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 WAGON R LXI LPG  Rs.399099  Rs.402265
 WAGON R LXI CNG  Rs.418110  Rs.421276
 WAGON R LXI  Rs.365110  Rs.368276
 WAGON R VXI WITH ABS  Rs.420795  Rs.423961
 WAGON R VXI  Rs.390048  Rs.393214
 WAGON R LX  Rs.335550  Rs.338716


Maruti Zen Estilo :

maruti estilo or maruti zen estilo- Maruti Zen Estilo or Maruti Estilo is a popular name in India or Indian Automobile Market as an excellent product from Maruti Suzuki. This is a B Segment Hatchback model with Petrol & Petrol + CNG fuel variations. Maruti Zen Estilo assigned a 998 cc KB-Series engine for better fuel efficiency & good performance.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Non-Metallic)  Price (Metallic)
 ZEN – ESTILO GREEN LXI  Rs.410062  Rs.413228
 ESTILO LXI  Rs.358063  Rs.361229
 ESTILO VXI WITH ABS  Rs.414065  Rs.417231
 ESTILO VXI  Rs.384520  Rs.387686
 ESTILO LX  Rs.327272  Rs.330438


Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara :

maruti grand vitara- Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is a D+ (PLUS) Segment Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV model. With a powerful 2397 cc VVT Petrol engine & an option to choose from 4 Speed Automatic / 5 Speed Manual Transmission system Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is available. The Diesel variant of Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara can expected for 2012 from Maruti Suzuki.

 Model Name / Trim  Price (Metallic)
 GRAND VITARA MT  Rs.1694382
 GRAND VITARA AT  Rs.1826660


Maruti Suzuki launched all above four wheeler vehicle models are now available in showrooms through both Metallic & Non-metallic (solid) color shade options, except Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara model. All above listed latest models of Maruti Suzuki are much popular in Indian Automobile Market for their fuel efficiency, heavy performance, low maintenance, good after sales service from Maruti’s wide network & the prime factor is Value for money or affordable cost price. The economy series car models of Maruti Suzuki listed as highest selling vehicle models in India.

Prices shown in the above Price List reflects Ex-Showroom (New Delhi) price in India. In these price tables there has two different pricing options for Metallic & Non-Metallic (Solid) color options of that particular model. All recently launched or latest vehicle models from Maruti Suzuki listed above. Model trims includes fuel variations through Petrol, Diesel, LPG & CNG.

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