December 9, 2016

Tata Price List

India leading automobile company Tata Motors is an India based multinational automobile manufacturer & seller. Tata Motors is well known for its products in the categories of Commercial vehicles, Bus & Cars, Trucks and MUV / MPVs etc around the globe. Tata has separate business partners & separate brand names for all vehicles, that may be imported, assembled or manufactured by its own. Following Price List tabled all Passenger vehicle models of Tata Motors in India with their features, model trims & cost price details. Just scroll down to get informed about all available & latest Tata Passenger Car / SUV / MUV model’s latest price in India.

tata price list

Tata Aria :

tata aria- Tata Aria is a D Segment Crossover vehicle model from Tata Motors in India. This four wheeler is now available in the market as a Diesel Only Passenger vehicle with a great power from assigned 2179 cc DiCOR Diesel Engine. Both 4X2 & 4X4 transmission variants are available for Tata Aria buyers.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Aria 4×2 Pleasure Rs. 14,59,000 Rs. 14,35,000 Rs. 15,26,000 Rs. 14,02,000
Aria 4×2 Prestige Rs. 16,48,000 Rs. 16,21,000 Rs. 17,24,000 Rs. 15,85,000
Aria 4×2 Pure Rs. 13,44,000 Rs. 13,23,000 Rs. 14,06,000 Rs. 12,91,000
Aria 4×4 Pleasure Rs. 15,32,000 Rs. 15,08,000 Rs. 16,02,000 Rs. 14,73,000
Aria 4×4 Prestige Rs. 17,15,000 Rs. 16,87,000 Rs. 17,49,000 Rs. 16,09,000
Aria 4×4 Prestige Leather Rs. 17,07,000 Rs. 16,84,000 Rs. 17,62,000 Rs. 15,81,000
Aria 4×4 Pride Rs. 18,30,000 Rs. 18,00,000 Rs. 19,13,000 Rs. 17,61,000
Aria Automatic Rs. 17,00,000 N/A N/A N/A


Tata Grande :

tata grande- Tata Motors launched Tata Grande as a C Segment MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle. Only Diesel fuel variant is available for Tata Grande through two different engine types as 1948 cc & 2179 cc DiCOR.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Grande DiCOR EX Rs.8,90,000 Rs.8,82,000 Rs.8,92,000 Rs.7,82,000
Grande DiCOR GX Rs.9,68,000 Rs.9,56,000 Rs.9,70,000 Rs.8,53,000
Grande DiCOR LX Rs.8,44,000 Rs.8,37,000 Rs.8,46,000 Rs.7,41,000
Grande Turbo EX Rs.8,22,000 Rs.7,79,000 Rs.8,08,000 Rs.7,14,000
Grande Turbo LX Rs.7,81,000 Rs.7,40,000 Rs.7,67,000 Rs.6,79,000


Tata Indica e-Xeta :

Tata Indica e-Xeta- Indica e-Xeta is a B+ Segment Hatchback from Tata Motors. It is a rich featured Indica Series Car model. Tata Indica e-Xeta is now available in showrooms through Petrol fuel variant & a powerful engine displacement of 1193 cc MPFi. LPG Fuel can also be used in selected models of Tata Indica e-Xeta.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Indica e-Xeta GL Rs. 3,49,000 Rs. 3,43,000 Rs. 3,41,000 Rs. 3,54,000
Indica e-Xeta GLE Rs. 3,76,000 Rs. 3,68,000 Rs. 3,65,000 Rs. 3,78,000
Indica e-Xeta GLE LPG Rs. 4,17,000 N/A Rs. 3,75,000 N/A
Indica e-Xeta GLS Rs. 3,99,000 Rs. 3,84,000 Rs. 3,86,000 Rs. 3,98,000
Indica e-Xeta GLS LPG Rs. 4,31,000 N/A Rs. 4,05,000 N/A
Indica e-Xeta GLX Rs. 4,24,000 Rs. 4,10,000 Rs. 4,16,000 Rs. 4,24,000


Tata Indica eV2 :

Tata Indica eV2- Tata Indica series listed eV2 model as a Diesel fuel variant model. Tata Indica eV2 is now available as a B+ Segment Hatchback Car. There is a 1396cc CR4 Diesel engine displaced on Tata Indica eV2 Car.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Indica eV2 L Rs. 4,64,000 Rs. 4,53,000 Rs. 4,75,000 Rs. 4,59,000
Indica eV2 LE Rs. 5,06,000 Rs. 4,90,000 Rs. 5,09,000 Rs. 4,99,000
Indica eV2 LS Rs. 5,21,000 Rs. 5,05,000 Rs. 5,27,000 Rs. 5,15,000
Indica eV2 LX Rs. 5,57,000 Rs. 5,39,000 Rs. 5,59,000 Rs. 5,46,000


Tata Indigo e-CS :

tata indigo cs- Tata Indigo counted among the most popular car model series in India. Tata launched Tata Indigo e-CS (C Segment) Sedan through two major fuel variants i.e Petrol & Diesel. The petrol segment of Tata Indigo e-CS comes with a 1193 cc MPFi engine. The Diesel variant models has two engine types as 1405 cc & 1396 cc CR4 (BS4) engine displacement.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Indigo e-CS eGLS Rs. 5,12,000 Rs. 5,05,000 Rs. 5,10,000 Rs. 5,05,000
Indigo e-CS eGLX Rs. 5,38,000 Rs. 5,27,000 Rs. 5,35,000 Rs. 5,29,000
Indigo e-CS eGVX Rs. 5,59,000 Rs. 5,50,000 Rs. 5,85,000 Rs. 5,10,000
Indigo e-CS eLS Rs. 6,00,000 Rs. 5,99,000 Rs. 6,02,000 Rs. 5,44,000
Indigo e-CS eLX Rs. 6,26,000 Rs. 6,23,000 Rs. 6,27,000 Rs. 5,69,000
Indigo e-CS eVX Rs. 6,56,000 Rs. 6,53,000 Rs. 6,57,000 Rs. 5,99,000
Indigo e-CS LE Rs. 5,15,000 N/A N/A N/A
Indigo e-CS LS Rs. 6,08,000 Rs. 5,92,000 Rs. 6,02,000 Rs. 5,90,000
Indigo e-CS LX Rs. 6,36,000 Rs. 6,16,000 Rs. 6,27,000 Rs. 6,15,000


Tata Indigo :

tata indigo- Tata Indigo price table listed Tata Indigo Marina & XL models. This a name of C Segment Estate Car in India by Tata Motors. Both Petrol & Diesel fuel trims are available for it.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Indigo Marina GLS Rs. 5,48,000 Rs. 5,21,000 Rs. 5,48,000 Rs. 4,78,000
Indigo Marina GLX Rs. 5,80,000 Rs. 5,42,000 Rs. 5,87,000 Rs. 5,13,000
Indigo Marina LS TDi Rs. 6,02,000 Rs. 5,69,000 Rs. 5,98,000 Rs. 5,23,000
Indigo Marina LX DiCOR Rs. 7,09,000 Rs. 6,65,000 Rs. 6,97,000 Rs. 6,12,000
Indigo Marina LX TDi Rs. 6,48,000 Rs. 6,08,000 Rs. 6,42,000 Rs. 5,62,000
Indigo XL Bifuel Rs. 6,23,000 Rs. 5,91,000 Rs. 6,25,000 Rs. 6,54,000
Indigo XL Diesel Rs. 67,200 Rs. 6,47,000 Rs. 6,76,000 Rs. 7,05,000


Tata Magic :

tata magic- Tata Magic is a very known name in India as a passenger vehicle model. This is a B Segment MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle model through Diesel & CNG fuel system engines. The engine displacement of Tata Magic is 702 cc & IRIS model assigned a 611 cc engine.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai)
Magic 5 Seater Rs. 3,00,000
Magic 7 Seater Rs. 3,30,000
Magic 8 Seater Rs. 3,50,000
Magic Iris Rs. 2,20,000


Tata Manza :

tata manza- Tata Motors launched Tata Manza as a C Segment Sedan Car. This four wheeler available with two major fuel options. The petrol segment of Tata Manza comes with 1368 cc Safire engine & Diesel variant listed 1248 cc Quadrajet engine.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Manza Diesel Aqua Rs. 7,20,000 Rs. 7,09,000 Rs. 6,90,000 Rs. 6,82,000
Manza Diesel Aura Rs. 7,69,000 Rs. 7,57,000 Rs. 7,39,000 Rs. 7,27,000
Manza Diesel Aura (ABS) Rs. 8,18,000 Rs. 8,05,000 Rs. 7,87,000 Rs. 7,72,000
Manza Elan Celebration Edition Rs. 8,10,000 N/A N/A N/A
Manza Elan Celebration Edition Diesel Rs. 9,10,000 N/A N/A N/A
Manza Elan Diesel Rs. 8,84,000 Rs. 8,75,000 Rs. 8,58,000 Rs. 8,38,000
Manza Elan Petrol Rs. 7,92,000 Rs. 7,77,000 Rs. 7,64,000 Rs. 7,52,000
Manza Petrol Aqua Rs. 6,38,000 Rs. 6,08,000 Rs. 6,04,000 Rs. 6,04,000
Manza Petrol Aura Rs. 6,77,000 Rs. 6,46,000 Rs. 6,44,000 Rs. 6,41,000
Manza Petrol Aura (ABS) Rs. 7,14,000 Rs. 7,00,000 Rs. 6,81,000 Rs. 6,75,000


Tata Nano 2012 :

tata nano 2012- The latest launched Nano series model is Tata Nano 2012. This new A Segment Hatchback comes with 624 cc MPFi Petrol Engine. Affordable pricing also continues with Tata Nano 2012.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Nano 2012 Rs. 1,75,000 Rs. 1,60,000 Rs. 1,80,000 Rs. 1,60,000
Nano 2012 CX Metallic Rs. 2,10,000 N/A N/A N/A
Nano 2012 CX Solid Rs. 2,05,000 N/A N/A N/A
Nano 2012 LX Rs. 2,40,000 N/A N/A N/A


Tata Vista :

tata vista- With two major fuel variants (Petrol & Diesel) Tata Vista is available in Tata Showrooms. There are two types of Petrol engine available for Tata Vista Petrol as 1172 cc Safire65 & 1368 cc Safire 90. The Diesel variant of Tata Vista also available with two engine types as 1405 cc TDi & 11248 cc Quadrajet.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
New Vista Diesel LS Rs. 5,56,000 Rs. 5,28,000 Rs. 5,29,100 Rs. 4,89,000
New Vista Diesel LX Rs. 6,41,000 Rs. 5,81,000 Rs. 5,83,000 Rs. 5,38,000
New Vista Diesel TDi LS Rs. 4,80,000 N/A N/A N/A
New Vista Diesel TDi LX Rs. 5,30,000 N/A N/A N/A
New Vista Diesel VX Rs. 6,32,000 Rs. 6,00,000 Rs. 6,03,900 Rs. 5,57,000
New Vista Diesel ZX Rs. 7,00,000 Rs. 6,82,000 Rs. 6,71,000 Rs. 6,17,000
New Vista Safire65 GLS Rs. 4,47,000 Rs. 4,30,000 Rs. 4,29,000 Rs. 3,98,000
New Vista Safire65 GLX Rs. 5,06,000 Rs. 4,85,000 Rs. 4,90,600 Rs. 4,50,000
New Vista Safire65 GVX Rs. 5,36,000 Rs. 4,46,000 Rs. 5,20,300 Rs. 4,77,000
New Vista Safire90 GLX Rs. 5,91,000 Rs. 5,65,000 Rs. 5,75,300 Rs. 5,25,000
New Vista Safire90 GVX Rs. 6,37,000 Rs. 6,08,000 Rs. 6,20,400 Rs. 5,66,000
New Vista Safire90 GZX Rs. 7,01,000 Rs. 6,87,000 Rs. 6,83,100 Rs. 6,23,000


Tata Safari :

tata safari- The popular SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle model of Tata Motors is Tata Safari. This C+ Segment four wheeler model available as a Diesel only model. A powerful 2179 cc DiCOR engine displaced for Tata Safari.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai) Price (Delhi) Price (Chennai) Price (Kolkota)
Safari EX Rs. 10,67,000 Rs. 10,70,000 Rs. 10,73,000 Rs. 9,01,000
Safari EX 4×4 Rs. 11,01,000 Rs. 11,02,000 Rs. 12,05,000 Rs. 9,87,000
Safari EXi 4×2 Rs. 9,02,000 Rs. 8,62,000 Rs. 8,72,000 Rs. 8,00,000
Safari EXi 4×4 Rs. 9,92,000 Rs. 9,52,000 Rs. 9,62,000 Rs. 8,90,000
Safari GX Rs. 12,09,000 Rs. 12,22,000 Rs. 12,57,000 Rs. 11,47,000
Safari GX 4×4 Rs. 12,49,000 Rs. 12,62,000 Rs. 13,14,000 Rs. 12,36,000
Safari LX Rs. 9,02,000 Rs. 9,33,000 Rs. 9,34,000 Rs. 8,80,000
Safari LX 4×4 Rs. 9,32,000 Rs. 9,00,000 Rs. 8,84,000 Rs. 8,80,000
Safari VX Rs. 13,46,000 Rs. 13,47,000 Rs. 13,83,000 Rs. 12,85,000
Safari VX 4×4 Rs. 14,52,000 Rs. 14,51,000 Rs. 14,92,000 Rs. 13,75,000


Tata Sumo :

tata sumo- Another Diesel only MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle is Tata Sumo. This is a C Segment passenger vehicle with a specious body design. A powerful 2956 cc TCIC / CR4 engine assigned to Tata Sumo.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai)
Sumo Gold CR4 CX Rs. 6,20,000
Sumo Gold CR4 EX Rs. 6,75,000
Sumo Gold CR4 GX Rs. 7,40,000
Sumo Gold CR4 LX Rs. 6,55,000
Sumo Gold TCIC CX Rs. 5,90,000
Sumo Gold TCIC EX Rs. 6,70,000
Sumo Gold TCIC LX Rs. 6,30,000


Tata Venture :

tata venture- Tata Motors selling Tata Venture as a powerful & specious B+ Segment MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle. Tata Venture is now available as a Diesel only model with 1405 cc engine displacement.

Model Name / Trim Price (Mumbai)
Venture CX Rs. 4,70,000
Venture EX Rs. 5,20,000


All above listed vehicle models are now available in Tata Motors Showrooms. Shown price reflects approximate On-Road price in India or India’s metropolitan cities i.e Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata.

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