December 8, 2016

Acer Desktop PCs Price List in India

Acer, a Taiwan based multinational computer technology and electronics corporation which manufactures various types of IT and electronics products like laptop, monitor, tablets, desktops, projectors, storage devices, projectors, smartphones, TV etc. Acer also spreads its product market in India. It manufacturing very good quality products to the Global market. The desktop PCs of Acer uses highly advanced technologies and satisfies consumer needs.

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Acer Desktop PCs Price List

Acer Desktop PCs Price in India Market Price
Acer Aspire 2210W Rs. 25,450
Acer Aspire 7300W Rs. 26,750
Acer Aspire EL1600 Rs. 12,250
Acer Aspire IE-3218 Rs. 24,350
Acer Aspire IE-3470 Rs. 28,450
Acer Aspire IE-3520P Rs. 23,750
Acer Aspire IE-3540 Rs. 24,399
Acer Aspire IE-3540 (Dual Core E5400) Rs. 65,000
Acer Aspire IE-3544 Rs. 25,499
Acer Aspire IE-4730 Rs. 32,250
Acer Aspire IE-4740 Rs. 25,750
Acer Aspire IE-4752 Rs. 27,799
Acer Aspire IE-4753 Rs. 28,899
Acer Aspire IQ4832G Rs. 32,299
Acer Aspire IQ4837 Rs. 30,599
Acer Aspire IE4750 Rs. 55,000
Acer Power 4000H Rs. 22,000
Acer Veriton L670G Rs. 76,300
Acer Veriton M200-A74 Rs. 34,000
Acer Veriton M200-A74V Rs. 32,000
Acer Veriton M200-A78V Rs. 32,000
Acer Veriton M200-G31V Rs. 22,600 – 36,500
Acer Veriton M200-G43 Rs. 25,000
Acer Veriton M200-G43V Rs. 23,650
Acer Veriton M200-M61 Rs. 35,000
Acer Veriton M200-M61V Rs. 28,000
Acer Veriton M200-Q45V Rs. 28,500 – 30,000
Acer Veriton M480G Rs. 30,000
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