December 8, 2016

Inkjet Printer Price List in India for 2012

Are you going to buy an Inkjet printer for you or your office? The Inkjet type printers are suitable for personal and office use. In addition to the Dot Matrix printer, we also thought to make a list of those Inkjet printers which are currently available in market to purchase. If you’re planning to buy an Inkjet printer anytime soon then this price list will be definitely going to help you in a positive way. This price list covers almost all popular brands like; Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, etc and for your better understanding purpose we’re also divided those printers according to its price range such as; below Rs. 50000, Rs. 5000-Rs. 10000, Rs. 10000-Rs. 20000, and above Rs. 20000. We have also noticed that, a wide range of verities are coming in price range of Rs. Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000. So don’t go to buy any printer before checking out this price list.

inkjet printer price list 2012

Below Rs. 5000

 Model Name Price
Canon-Pixma iP1300 MRP Rs. 1,995/-
Epson -Stylus T11 MRP Rs. 2,199/-
HP-Deskjet D2600 MRP Rs. 2,404/-
HP-Deskjet D2668 MRP Rs. 2,404/-
Lexmark-Z735 MRP Rs. 2,500/-
Lexmark-Z617 MRP Rs. 2,500/-
Lexmark-Z605 MRP Rs. 2,595/-
Lexmark-Z645 MRP Rs. 2,599/-
HP-Deskjet D2568 MRP Rs. 2,599/-
HP-Deskjet D2400 MRP Rs. 2,650/-
Canon-PIXMA iP1980 MRP Rs. 2,695/-
Canon-PIXMA iP2770 MRP Rs. 2,695/-
HP-Deskjet D1460 MRP Rs. 2,799/-
Lexmark-Z615 MRP Rs. 2,850/-
Lexmark-Z1320 MRP Rs. 2,900/-
HP-Deskjet D2460 MRP Rs. 2,950/-
Canon-Pixma iP1880 MRP Rs. 2,995/-
Epson -Stylus C90 MRP Rs. 2,999/-
Canon-PIXMA iP2680 MRP Rs. 3,695/-
HP-Deskjet D4268 MRP Rs. 3,999/-
Lexmark-Z705 MRP Rs. 4,499/-
HP-Deskjet D5560 MRP Rs. 4,699/-
HP-Deskjet D5568 MRP Rs. 4,699/-
HP-Photosmart A526 MRP Rs. 4,999/-


Rs. 5000 – Rs. 10000

Model Name Model Name
Epson -Stylus C110 MRP Rs. 5,299/-
Epson -Stylus Office T30 MRP Rs. 5,299/-
Canon-Selphy CP760 MRP Rs. 5,495/-
Canon-Pixma iP3300 MRP Rs. 5,495/-
Canon-PIXMA iP3680 MRP Rs. 5,595/-
HP-Photosmart D5368 MRP Rs. 5,599/-
Canon-CP 740 MRP Rs. 5,995/-
Canon-Selphy CP510 MRP Rs. 5,995/-
Canon-Pixma iP3500 MRP Rs. 5,995/-
Canon-Selphy CP720 MRP Rs. 5,995/-
HP-Officejet Pro K5300 MRP Rs. 6,499/-
Canon-Selphy CP710 MRP Rs. 6,995/-
Epson -Stylus Office T40W MRP Rs. 6,999/-
Epson -Stylus Photo R230 MRP Rs. 6,999/-
HP-Photosmart D7268 MRP Rs. 7,199/-
Canon-Selphy CP 750 MRP Rs. 7,995/-
Canon-Selphy CP730 MRP Rs. 7,995/-
HP-Photosmart D6168 MRP Rs. 7,999/-
HP-Photosmart D7168 MRP Rs. 7,999/-
HP-Photosmart A626 MRP Rs. 7,999/-
Canon-PIXMA iP4870 MRP Rs. 8,155/-
Canon-PIXMA iP4760 MRP Rs. 8,155/-
Canon-PIXMA iP4680 MRP Rs. 8,155/-
Epson -Stylus Photo R290 MRP Rs. 8,499/-
Canon-Selphy CP770 MRP Rs. 8,995/-
HP-Officejet Pro K5400dn MRP Rs. 8,999/-
Epson -PictureMate PM210 MRP Rs. 8,999/-


Rs. 10000 – Rs. 20000

Model Name Price
Epson -PictureMate PM 270 MRP Rs. 10,499/-
Canon-Selphy ES1 MRP Rs. 10,995/-
HP-Photosmart D7368 MRP Rs. 10,999/-
Canon-Selphy ES20 MRP Rs. 11,990/-
Canon-Pixma iP4500 MRP Rs. 11,995/-
Epson -PictureMate PM250 MRP Rs. 12,900/-
HP-Officejet H470 Mobile Printer MRP Rs. 13,899/-
HP-Deskjet 460CB Mobile Printer MRP Rs. 14,999/-
Epson -Stylus Office T1100 MRP Rs. 14,999/-
Canon-PIXMA iP100 MRP Rs. 15,695/-
HP-Officejet K7108 MRP Rs. 15,999/-
Canon-PIXMA iX4000 MRP Rs. 16,395/-
Canon-iX4000 MRP Rs. 16,495/-
Canon-Pixma iP6700D MRP Rs. 16,995/-
HP-Deskjet 1280 MRP Rs. 16,999/-
HP-Officejet 100 Mobile Printer MRP Rs. 17,000/-
HP-Officejet Pro K8600 MRP Rs. 17,750/-
Canon-PIXMA iX5000 MRP Rs. 19,395/-
Canon-iX5000 MRP Rs. 19,495/-
Canon-Pixma iP90 MRP Rs. 19,995/-
Canon-Pixma iP90V MRP Rs. 19,995/-
Epson -Stylus Photo 1390 plus MRP Rs. 19,999/-
HP-Officejet Pro K850 MRP Rs. 19,999/-


Above Rs. 20000

Model Name Price
Canon-i9950 (A3+) MRP Rs. 29,995/-
Canon-PIXMA iX7000 MRP Rs. 29,995/-
HP-Business Inkjet 2800 MRP Rs. 35,299/-
Canon-PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II MRP Rs. 35,995/-
Canon-Pixma Pro 9000 MRP Rs. 36,900/-
Epson -Stylus Photo R1900 MRP Rs. 39,999/-
Canon-PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II MRP Rs. 45,995/-
Epson -Stylus Photo R3000 MRP Rs. 69,000/-
Epson -Stylus Pro 4900 MRP Rs. 169,999/-


Please note that all the above mentioned prices are current market retails prices, so it can be changed according to market situations at any time. So we’re suggesting you not to buy any printer before checking out your local stores. We also claimed that, we’re always trying our level best to provide you the most accurate data and most important thing, don’t forget to give your opinions regarding this topic whether it was valuable for you or not.

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