December 9, 2016

Reliance Digital TV Standard Set-Top Box Price in India & Specifications

Satellite Television service or Direct-to-Home (DTH) service is now became the most popular TV entertainment media. Using latest & advanced broadcasting technologies many of the Indian DTH (Paid) companies offering this DTH service with high quality TV signal transmission. In India always there is a competition for being the best from the better list. Reliance, Reliance Communication (RCOM) is a premium business of Reliance Group in India. In Paid DTH Service Market (India) this RCOM has now placed its name to the top most level with its popular product or service Reliance Digital TV (BIG TV). On 19 August 2008 Reliance launched its Paid DTH service with MPEG4 technology & which is best for HD TV broadcasting. From the launching date Reliance Digital TV has gone a for a fast run in the tracks of DTH market to establish it & within a little time it became the most popular DTH service in India. Now this service is available in HD (High Definition) also with a very long channel & interactive service listing.

Reliance Digital TV Set-Top Box

Reliance Digital TV Standard Set-Top Box Specifications

  • DVD like video & audio Output
  • MPEG-4 Technology
  • More than 250 Channels
  • Compact Size
  • Stylish Design
  • Power Switch with Standby mode & Power On mode
  • Menu Application Switch
  • Message Indication Light
  • Remote Sensor (Infrared Port)
  • 4 Arrow Key Switches
  • OK Button (Confirm/Select)
  • IR Activity Indication (Lights on Remote Function)
  • Smart Card Slot (Covered)
  • Cable Input Point (Antenna In)
  • LNB Input Cable Point (LNB to Tuner)
  • TV Out  Cable Point (To RF Terminal of TV)
  • Y/Pb/Pr Component (To Video terminal of TV)
  • Video Cable Point (To Video terminal of TV)
  • Audio L & R Cable Point (To Audio terminal of TV)
  • USB Port
  • Loop Out Cable Point
  • DC 12V Adaptor Jack

Functions of Standard Set-Top Box

- The CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) of Reliance Digital TV includes a Set-Top Box, LNB connected Dish Antenna & a Remote Control. The provided Standard Set-Top Box (STB) is a digital electronic device commonly connected between dish antenna (receiver) & TV set through cable or wire. This device or STB functions in electric (DC 12 volt) power supply.

- The STB receives multiplexed satellite signals from the satellite through dish antenna & LNB by a cable. STB receives these signals through a special cable port (Antenna In for Terrestrial Antenna Connection or LNB Input for Dish-Antenna/LNB connection) as an input  After receiving the signals STB converts them to normal TV signal as output & supplies it to the TV set. For TV output STB has several ports or cable points like RF Out for Terrestrial signal loop out & RF re-modulation out to TV set connected at RF Terminal of your TV set. If your TV set has Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output terminal then simply connect it for digital output. Composite video output to TV set is also available in a single wire/cable connection.

- More than Video/Picture + Sound output the STB also has the feature of extra Audio/Sound output (Audio L & R) for connecting to the Audio terminal of TV set or Hi-fi Audio system. An USB Port is also available for USB device communication.

- This compact sized & smartly designed STB device has many advanced features for comfort in TV viewing. Provided Remote is an universal function enabled controlling system. Universal function defines that it is the single medium controlling agent for both TV set & STB. The STB & Remote Control connected through Infrared signal transmission system. The STB Remote Sensor point receives command & its IR Activity Indication Light glows green when it receives data from Remote Control Unit. Along with Remote function it also has the basic switch/button functions for make the functions like power on mode, standby mode, menu application, navigate interface & change cursor position, select or confirm (OK), etc.

- The STB has a covered slot or point to enter the Smart Card at its front part. The smart card is a credit card sized card or flat object contenting  information about the customer subscribed channels & services. The STB connected dish antenna includes a Low Noise Block (LNB) down converter. The LNB receives reflected signals from the dish & supplies it
to the set-top box through wire/cable.

Reliance Digital TV Standard Set-Top Box Price in India - The new reliance Digital TV connection is now available at just Rs 1390 (Inclusive all taxes).

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