December 8, 2016

Godrej EON Digifresh-GFE 35 EZ Refrigerator Price in India & Features

Godrej Appliances, the popular consumer electronics brand over India is a business wing or subsidiary of Godrej Group. This company produces the craving products or mechanisms that are the most needed things in daily life. More from these products Refrigerator is the special one to help in everyone’s daily routine & most in the kitchen. Godrej Refrigerators are the efficient & very purposive home used gadgets & built with more quality & technologies to do its work in an effective manner. The Frost Free EON Technology based Refrigerators of Godrej are now leading in the market for its technical advancements & capabilities. The Godrej EON Digifresh-GFE 35 EZ Refrigerator model is a special one with features like 7 preset cooling levels, Turbo Chill, Cool Timer, Silver Shower Technology, Silver Fresh Zone, Humidity Jog Dial, Crisper Temperature Control & many more that makes refrigerators more useful. Along with these technologies it has a special built body with a compact size & Pareo Door Design with Door Chime. This 5 Star energy rating tagged appliance is now available in market, lets look forward at its features, specifications & price.

Godrej EON Digifresh GFE-35 EZ Refrigerator

Godrej EON Digifresh GFE-35 EZ Features

  • 330 L Capacity
  • Shell Wine Red Body Color
  • Metallic furnished Double Door
  • Tinted Interiors
  • Fully Automatic Deliquesce Technology
  • 160 – 250 volt Power Supply
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
  • Pareo Door Design
  • Door Chime
  • ZOP Technology
  • 100% Green or CFC, HCFC & HFC Free
  • Two shelves in main compartment
  • Compact Size of 1745 mm/600 mm/ 706 mm (H/W/D)
  • 7 Preset Cooling Levels
  • Turbo Chill
  • Child Lock Setting
  • Cool Timer on Digital Panel
  • Holiday Mode
  • Silver Shower Technology
  • Silver Fresh Zone
  • Aroma Lock Feature
  • FIR based Nutra Lamp
  • PolyBag Suspenders in the Freezer
  • Twist and Serve Ice Trays
  • Anti microbial Resistance with Anti-B Technology
  • Vegetable Separator in the vegetable tray
  • Sliding Chiller Tray
  • 2.5 L Aqua Space in the door
  • Double Deck Vegetable & Fruit Tray
  • Toughened Glass Shelves

Godrej EON Digifresh-GFE 35 EZ Refrigerator model is a special & latest model in Godrej EON Digifresh model series. This model always ensures more features & technologies that makes it more popular. This particular model is now available in market with a single trim color option of Shell Wine Red with metallic furnishing.

Featured Cool Level of this model allows the user to select between 7 preset cooling levels to suit the cooling requirement of their own. For quick chilling or immediate cooling need Turbo Chill feature included. Digital panel display includes settings of Cool Timer as a reminder function.

Silver Shower Technology is the special technique to superior all round cooling along with anti bacterial action. Silver Fresh Zone enriched to keep foods fresh for a longer time. Aroma Lock helps to removes foul odour & destroys ethylene as a good deodorizer. Far Infra Red Ray having FIR based Nutra Lamp preserves freshness of foods for a long time.

The smart design comes with a lot more utilities through out the complete design or all sphere of its body. PolyBag Suspenders in the Freezer has 3 special hooks to hang poly bags containing peas, chicken, fruit pulp like things. For better air flow in the freezer it has Cool Air – Current Design air vents. Toughened Glass Shelves has the capacity to hold up to 150 kgs. Sliding Chiller Tray, Double Deck Vegetable & Fruit Tray of 21.6 liters as a huge indexed in it.

The Eco-friendly or Environment safety serving features like CFC, HCFC & HFC Free technologies are appointed to protect Ozone Layer & this rated it as 100% Green. Along with Environment Friendly it also features 5 Star Energy Rating as a mark of power saving or energy efficiency.

Godrej EON Digifresh-GFE 35 EZ Price in India – The Godrej EON Digifresh-GFE 35 EZ Refrigerator is now available in market with a price tag of Rs 30330 in India.

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