November 27, 2016

LG Refrigerators Price List in India

LG, is one of the renowned manufacturer of the Home Appliances or the consumer electronic products. Its the worlds second largest manufacturing company that produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products. Refrigerator that is one of the household appliance and as known to us that this cooling apparatus provides with many of the comfort facilities such as it keeps the food fresh and drinks cold there by decreasing the reproduction rate of bacteria. LG brand provides with a wider range of refrigerator models manufactured by it and as well offers with the best satisfactory use of the device. Listed below is the Price List of the LG Refrigerators Models.

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LG Refrigerators Price Market Price
LG GL 225FM5 Price Rs 11900
LG GL 225FTD5 Price Rs 12450
LG GL 225FDD5 Price Rs 12650
LG GL 225FADG5 Price Rs 13350
LG GL 245FM5 Price Rs 13650
LG GL 225FEDG5 Price Rs 13550
LG GL 281FM5 Price Rs 15000
LG GL 245FEDG5 Price Rs 15250
LG GL 245FDD5 Price Rs 14250
LG GL 281FT5 Price Rs 15250
LG GL 281FEG5 Price Rs 15500
LG GC P227LGCW Price Rs 115000
LG GR P247JHM Price Rs 175000
LG GL 245FTD5 Price Rs 14050
LG GL   338VE5 Price Rs 24100
LG GL 195NP5 Price Rs 9350
LG GL 281NM5 Price Rs 14700
LG GL 241SADG5 Price Rs 14650
LG GL 241NM5 Price Rs 13250
LG GL 241NT5 Price Rs 13650
LG GL 281SMG5 Price Rs 15200
LG GL 211SADG5 Price Rs 13050
LG GL 211SMDG5 Price Rs 12600
LG GL 211NTD5 Price Rs 12150
LG GL 211NM5 Price Rs 11600
LG GL 195SADG5 Price Rs 12100
LG GL 195SMDG5 Price Rs 11200
LG GL 195NM5 Price Rs 10100
LG GL 195NC5 Price Rs 9400
LG GL 305VVX5 Price Rs 21200
LG GL 335VVX5 Price Rs 23600
LG GC L217FVQ Price Rs 70000
LG GC P217WVQ Price Rs 90000
LG GC P227LGBB Price Rs 110000
LG GC P227LGBW Price Rs 115000
LG GL 335VM5 Price Rs 22300
LG GL 335VV5 Price Rs 22600
LG GL 338VT5 Price Rs 23100
LG GL 255VM5 Price Rs 16550
LG GL 338VA5 Price Rs 23300
LG GL 255VV5 Price Rs 16850
LG GL 258VT5 Price Rs 17400
LG GL 258VA5 Price Rs 17600
LG GL 275VM5 Price Rs 17900
LG GL 275VV5 Price Rs 18200
LG GL 278VT5 Price Rs 18700
LG GL 278VA5 Price Rs 18900
LG GL 305VV5 Price Rs 20200
LG GL 308VT5 Price Rs 20700
LG GL 308VA5 Price Rs 20900
LG GL 305VM5 Price Rs 19900
LG GL 245TVG4 Price Rs 16200
LG GL 195NC4 Price Rs 9600
LG GL 195SVG4 Price Rs 11750
LG GL 195SVG5 Price Rs 12100
LG GL 211SM5 Price Rs 12400
LG GL 211SAG4 Price Rs 12850
LG GL 241SMG5 Price Rs 13650
LG GL 368YTQG4 Price Rs 27700
LG GL 368YVQG4 Price Rs 26700
LG GC L217WVQ Price Rs 73900
LG GC L217WTQ Price Rs 78900
LG GC B217WVQ Price Rs 56900
LG GL 408YVQG4 Price Rs 31200
LG GC B217WLQ Price Rs 59900
LG GL 408YTQG4 Price Rs 32200
LG GL 478YTX4 Price Rs 38700
LG GL 365YMQG4 Price Rs 25700
LG GL 405YMQG4 Price Rs 30200
LG GL 528YTX4 Price Rs 44700
LG GL 548YTX4 Price Rs 47700
LG GR B652YLS Price Rs 52500
LG GR M712YTQ Price Rs 59000
LG GL 195NM4 Price Rs 9900
LG GL 195SMG4 Price Rs 10700
LG GL 195SAG4 Price Rs 12100
LG GL 211NM4 Price Rs 10900
LG GL 211NT4 Price Rs 11600
LG GL 211SM4 Price Rs 11600
LG GL 241NM4 Price Rs 12800
LG GL 241NT4 Price Rs 13200
LG GL 281SM4 Price Rs 14900
LG GR P267ZGB Price Rs 155000
LG GR G287STW Price Rs 225000
LG GR B207 DBZ Price Rs 75000
LG GR P267BTB Price Rs 120000
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