November 3, 2016

Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Split AC Price in India & Features

In Indian Electronics Market listed a number of brands who serve electronic gadgets or products to the users or customers & Onida is a leading one in that list. Onida produces several products in both business & home appliances segments. In home appliances segment or household electronic product list Onida listed Air Conditioners, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, LED TVs, Color Televisions, DVD Players, Home Theater Systems, Washing machines & Microwave Ovens. The Air Conditioner models of Onida launched in basically two categories as Split AC & Window AC. Onida Split AC available models are also categorized in between them as per their technology, capacity & price. The available Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Split AC model listed in Onida’s i-Cool Range & Speedcool category. The specialty of this series is its advanced & effective cooling technology through 4 Way Air Distribution for Instant cooling. This 1.0 Ton capacitive model also features Anti bacteria / Carbon Filter, LCD Remote Control, Rotary Compressor, etc with i-cool, Auto,Cool,Dry,Fan like different cooling modes. Along with Instant cooling this model comes with a special decorated IDU or Indoor Unit to add more style to the room’s interior design.

Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Split AC

Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Features

  • 1.0 Ton Capacity
  • Powerful Cooling
  • 3 Star Rating
  • 3516 watt Capacity
  • 1210 watt Power Input
  • 325 CFM Air Flow
  • 33 db Noise Level
  • i-Cool Control Technology
  • Large Display
  • Large Coil Area
  • Long Life Service Assurance
  • Speedcool Front Panel
  • Auto Restart
  • Bio Sleep Function
  • Anti bacteria / Carbon Filter
  • i-cool, Auto,Cool,Dry,Fan Modes
  • Swing Function
  • 24Hr Timer
  • 4 Way Air Distribution
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Instant Cooling Technology
  • Hydrophilic coated Coil
  • Low Deration Factor
  • Super Silent Feature
  • Air Vent Insulation
  • Hydrophylic Coating
  • Sheet Metal – Powder Coating

Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Split AC model is now available in the market as a 1 Ton capacitive split air conditioner. Its Indoor Unit or IDU comes with special front panel design through a measurement of 790 mm/ 275 mm/ 190 mm (W/H/D). The ODU (Out-Door Unit) measures 780 mm/ 540 mm/ 250 mm (W/H/D) for its size. The IDU weights 8.5 kg & ODU is 28.5 kg.

Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Price in India – The Onida S12SPD-N3 1.0 Tr Split AC is now available at Rs 21490 (Approx) in India.

If you’re looking for a Split AC model at this price range, then followings are also available for you have a look;

Videocon VKS35.CVE1-CR :

Videocon VKS35.CVE1 CR Split AC- Videocon, one of the leading brand that manufactures electronic products has unleashed a new Split AC named as Videocon VKS35.CVE1-CR at Rs 25000 in India. This 1.0 Ton capacitive air-conditioner features R-22 refrigerant, Rotary Compressor, 3600 W Cooling /Heating, 630 CMH Air circulation, 4 Way Air Deflection, etc like very useful technologies.

Godrej Zephyr GSC 10 FV 5 ZSJH :

Godrej Zephyr GSC 10 FV 5 ZSJH Split AC- The leading Indian home appliance manufacturer Godrej making available its product Godrej Zephyr GSC 10 FV 5 ZSJH Split Air Conditioner in Indian market at Rs 23790. It features 2625W AC Cooling Capacity, 5 Star Rating, 500m3/hr Air Flow, Blue Fin Technology, X-FAN Function, Sleep & Dry Mode like smart cooling techniques.


LG LSA3KR2A Split AC- LG, one of the leading manufacturer of the electronic devices has let out a new Split AC named as LG LSA3KR2A at Rs 23590 in India. This 1 Ton capacitive air-conditioner model features 3516 watt Cooling, Rotary Compressor, e-Saver, 2 Star Rating, Fuzzy Logic & many more new or latest technologies.

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