December 5, 2016

Videocon Refrigerators Price List in India

Refrigerator other wise called as a fridge which is one of the common household appliance and as known to us that this cooling apparatus provides with many of the comfort facilities such as it keeps the food fresh and drinks cold there by decreasing the reproduction rate of bacteria. The group of manufacturers of the consumer electronic products in India as well in Abroad are of very wide range. Videocon is one of the leading multinational corporate among the group of the manufacturers. The Videocon group is the third largest picture tube manufacturer in the world and sells Color Televisions, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwave and many other home appliances as its products. Discussed below is the Price List of the Videocon Refrigerators, just stay on and have a glance on it.

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Videocon Refrigerators Price List

Videocon Refrigerators Price Market Price
Videocon VAP174 Price Rs 8690
Videocon VAP173 Price Rs 8390
Videocon VAE175 Price Rs 8490
Videocon VAE173 Price Rs 7439
Videocon D245 DX Price Rs 11990
Videocon D245 Price Rs 11690
Videocon S 225 FLR Price Rs 10990
Videocon S 225 GLX Price Rs 10490
Videocon S 225 DX Price Rs 9590
Videocon S 225 Price Rs 8990
Videocon S 192 WDDX Price Rs 9490
Videocon S 192 FLR Price Rs 9990
Videocon S 192 GLX Price Rs 8990
Videocon S 192 DX Price Rs 8290
Videocon S 192 Price Rs 7900
Videocon S 091 DX Price Rs 6590
Videocon D500DX Price Rs 29990
Videocon D350 DX Price Rs 17990
Videocon D350 Price Rs 15790
Videocon D280 WD DX Price Rs 14490
Videocon D452 MF Price Rs 24990
Videocon 55X DC Price Rs 5990
Videocon D275 DX Price Rs 12990
Videocon D312 DX Price Rs 14140
Videocon 315X FF Price Rs 15149
Videocon D280 Price Rs 12390
Videocon D280 DX Price Rs 13990
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